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Advantages of carpet tiles for offices

carpet tiles for offices

Carpet tiles are an excellent flooring option for offices, as they offer numerous advantages over traditional broadloom carpets, tiles or laminate. But what are these advantages and why should you consider carpet tiles for your office? What are the advantages of carpet tiles for offices? There are a number of benefits and advantages of using […]

Signs your carpet tiles need replacing 

If your home, office,school or business uses carpet tiles, these will eventually need to be replaced. Doing so can revitalize your space and change the whole dynamic of the room, while being cost effective.  Replacing your carpet tiles can also bring a number of practical benefits too. But what are the most common signs that […]

Why are grey carpet tiles so popular?

Carpet tiles are a popular and effective choice for commercial settings, offices, schools, pubs and domestic properties too, as these balance the necessary practicality with visual style and design. In recent years, grey has become an increasingly popular colour for carpet tiles, as well as for flooring in general, and for colour schemes in the […]

Considerations when choosing office carpet tiles

Office flooring can be an important decision for your work space, with maintenance and upkeep, as well as durability and longevity, important aspects to consider. Carpet tiles have long been popular in the commercial sector and for offices, and these can be a highly effective choice. But what are the important considerations when choosing office […]

Effective layout options for carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are a hard wearing and durable option for all manner of properties, from domestic to commercial. One of the big advantages of using these for your flooring is the design flexibility and range of layout options. But what are the most effective layout options, beyond the standard lay? What are the effective layout […]

Why should you choose carpet tiles?

Choosing the right flooring for your home can have a practical and a visual impact on the space itself. Carpet tiles are quickly becoming one of the most popular options, but why should you choose carpet tiles for your domestic or commercial property? What are carpet tiles? Carpet tiles are square sections of carpet that […]