Colour combinations for carpet tiles

One of the most important considerations when choosing carpet tiles is to decide on the colour of these. While for many spaces, a single colour can be perfect for the entire space, for other rooms or areas you may want to mix it up a little bit. But what are the effective colour combinations for carpet tiles?

What are the most effective colour combinations for carpet tiles?

There are several effective colour options for carpet tiles in any space, and these include:

  • Different shades of the same colour- for a subtle combination of carpet tile colour you could choose two or three shades from the same colour. Whether you mix these randomly or alternate with structure, the visual effect can be highly appealing. Different shades of blue or green are both popular for commercial settings and offices, while different shades of grey can be suitable for domestic as well as commercial properties.
  • Dark and light colours- dark and light colour combinations for flooring have long been popular with black and white checkerboard tiling a timeless and classic design. However, for most properties white carpet tiles are not the most practical solution and instead you may prefer to use:
    • Black and light to mid grey- replacing the white tiles in the checkerboard layout with a light to mid grey can be a more practical choice although this may make you flooring, and your room on the whole appear smaller. As a result, this is most effective for large spaces with plenty of natural light.
    • Navy and rose gold- rose gold is a highly popular colour for interior design and this pairs very well with darker colours like navy or grey. 
    • Brown and beige- for a neutral space, choosing neutral colours for the carpet tiles can be a great fit. A brown and a beige alternating colour, or even when mixed more randomly, can lead to a practical and visually effective background for your space.
  • A mix of bold colours- from burnt oranges and blues to greens and purples, you can combine a range of bold colours to create a quirky,  bright and visually appealing space. For office spaces, this can help add character and personality to your working environment.

What are the considerations to ensure the right colours for your carpet tiles?

To make sure your carpet tiles and flooring achieve the perfect visual results there are a number of factors to consider. These include:

  • The lighting- the lighting in the space should make a difference to the carpet tiles you opt for. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, if the space is not well lit, dark colour floor tiles can make the room look darker and smaller. As a result, lighter or brighter carpet tile colours can be more effective. Secondly, carpet tile colours can look different in different types of artificial light, which will change the overall effect of the flooring.
  • The purpose of the carpet tiles- If you want the carpet tiles to be a focal point, choose a bold or vibrant color. If you want the carpet tiles to be a more subtle element, choose a neutral or subdued color.

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