Why are grey carpet tiles so popular?

Carpet tiles are a popular and effective choice for commercial settings, offices, schools, pubs and domestic properties too, as these balance the necessary practicality with visual style and design. In recent years, grey has become an increasingly popular colour for carpet tiles, as well as for flooring in general, and for colour schemes in the home or workplace. But why are grey carpet tiles so popular? And why should you consider installing grey carpet tiles?

So, why are grey carpet tiles so popular?

Carpet tiles are a practical option for any space, offering a stylish floor covering that is hard wearing, durable, and easily repaired or replaced. These can be used to add stylish design to a room, or to create a suitable backdrop for other design choices in the space. Grey carpet tiles can be a great choice for either option, and in fact, there are a number of reasons why grey carpet tiles are so popular. These reasons include:

⦁Providing the perfect base colour
⦁ Combining well with other colours
⦁ Calming and soothing colour
⦁ Practical colour for heavy footfall spaces

Grey carpet tiles provide the perfect base colour

For any space, grey carpet tiles can be the most suitable base colour, providing a neutral tone to the room and allowing you to create a more personalised space with character and meaning. Whether this is in your living room, or in a school, waiting room, or office, a grey background colour for the flooring can be perfect. There are also a wide range of grey shades to choose from, suitable for combining together for a more visually interesting style.

Grey carpet tiles combine well with other colours

Grey carpet tiles don’t just make an effective base colour, these also combine very well with other colours to create a room with a design style that is complementary and visually effective. From brighter shades of teal or blue, to darker purples and even cream, grey carpet tiles can be paired well with these colours to add interest and personality to your space. This can be very effective for commercial properties who are using the interior design to showcase company branding.

Grey carpet tiles can be calming and soothing

Choosing a colour scheme for any room is an important decision and grey carpet tiles can be the perfect option. These can be a calming and visually soothing colour which helps to focus attention on an office environment, and helps to relax and unwind in a domestic setting. This soothing nature is one of the reasons why this colour is so popular for carpet tiles.

Grey carpet tiles are a practical colour option for heavy footfall spaces

Finally, grey carpet tiles are so popular because these can be very practical in busy spaces with heavy foot traffic. Not only is the colour the perfect backdrop for a more inspiring design palette, but this colour can also be helpful for hiding stains and spills, and for keeping dirty footprints to a minimum. In an office environment for example, this practicality can be a big bonus.

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