Why should you choose carpet tiles?

Choosing the right flooring for your home can have a practical and a visual impact on the space itself. Carpet tiles are quickly becoming one of the most popular options, but why should you choose carpet tiles for your domestic or commercial property?

What are carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles are square sections of carpet that can be slotted together to cover the whole floor space quickly and easily. These carpet tiles use multiple layers, including a layer of pile fibres, tufted into a primary backing, which is then reinforced by a second layer, for maximum durability.

So, why should you choose carpet tiles?

There are a wide range of flooring options for any home or domestic property, including laminate, carpet and carpet tiles. So what kind of advantages can you expect when you opt for carpet tiles? Well, there are several benefits including:

  • Offering design versatility
  • Being cost effective
  • Providing increased durability
  • Low maintenance

Carpet tiles are a versatile flooring option

One of the biggest benefits to choosing carpet tiles for your domestic property is that these provide a versatile flooring option for any room. The carpet tiles are much easier to handle in small areas than other flooring options, and they can be installed quickly across larger spaces without issue.
But it’s not just the ease of installation and use in small or large areas that make carpet tiles versatile, as it’s also the design options themselves. Visually, carpet tiles can be incredibly varied. From plain colours, to patterns, to geometric designs, there are a number of effective options to choose from. In addition, carpet tiles can be mixed and matched in terms of colours and patterns so that you can create a visual result that has a significant impact on the visual design of the space. As a result, carpet tiles can also be effective for any interior design theme, including contemporary and traditional designs.

Carpet tiles are cost effective

Flooring is often a significant cost when renovating or updating your home. But with carpet tiles, you can achieve a stylish, high end finish, without paying over the odds. Carpet tiles are much easier to transport than other flooring types and can be much easier to install. Here at Discount Carpet Tiles Ltd we even supply the materials needed for installation, so that you can further save on installation costs.

Carpet tiles are hard wearing and durable

Carpet and laminate flooring options both experience wear and tear over time, especially in areas of high footfall and traffic. Carpet tiles are designed to be particularly hard wearing and durable for this reason, to help your flooring remain stylish and visually effective for the long term. If unavoidable damage does occur, the great thing about carpet tiles is that these can be replaced. This is simply not possible with carpet or laminate flooring.

Carpet tiles are low maintenance

Carpet tiles are very easy to take care of and low maintenance, which means that you can keep these looking great with regular vacuuming. Choosing a low pile carpet tile will reduce the amount of dirt and fluff that collects inside the fibres and make this very easy to clean.

If you’re looking for carpet tiles for your home, office or commercial property why not take a look at the more than 500,000 carpet tiles we have in stock, here at Discount Carpet Tiles Ltd?