Choose carpet tiles for the classroom 

Carpet tiles are a popular flooring option for commercial spaces but what are the reasons to choose carpet tiles for the classroom? And what benefits can schools expect?

Why should you choose carpet tiles for the classroom?

There are a number of reasons why carpet tiles are such a popular choice for schools and for use in classrooms. These include:

  • Being hard wearing and durable
  • Being visually appealing 
  • Helping with acoustics 
  • Increasing classroom comfort for younger children 
  • Being cost effective 

Carpet tiles are hard-wearing and durable in the classroom 

Classrooms in any school are high traffic areas and it’s important to choose a flooring option that can withstand this amount of footfall. Carpet tiles have the durability for this and as these are so hard-wearing they will not be worn out or damaged because of the frequent foot traffic. They are also more than capable of handling the regular moving of furniture that classrooms are accustomed to. 

Not only are carpet tiles highly durable, but these are also a great low maintenance option for schools. Regular vacuuming is all that these will need to stay looking new and fresh.

Carpet tiles offer visually versatility 

For any classroom, creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere is important. Carpet tiles are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, and can be arranged in a variety of ways. This means that carpet tiles can complement the interior design of the school or classroom, while also brightening up the space and creating a great first impression.

Carpet tiles can improve classroom acoustics 

From the noise of chairs and tables scraping back at the end of each lesson, to the noise of simply walking up and down the classroom, without soundproof flooring, the classroom noises can be overwhelming. This is especially true for students that can be easily distracted or that have a noise sensitivity. While all classrooms can be noisy from time to time, installing carpet tiles can help to offer some soundproofing, and help to keep your students focused.

Carpet tiles are comfortable for younger children 

For younger children in the first years of school carpet tiles offer a comfortable space for floor time and seating. This can be important for increasing classroom comfort and adjusting to the school environment.

Carpet tiles are more cost effective for schools

Finally, one of the main reasons to choose carpet tiles for the classroom is that these are incredibly cost effective. When compared to other flooring types, carpet tiles will last longer, be easier and much cheaper to replace, and will save you money in both the long and the short term. For schools struggling with tightened budgets, carpet tiles can be a great solution.

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