What are Factory Seconds?

We often get asked this question and will try to make it a little clearer.

Factory seconds, also known as factory rejects or simply seconds are items which through minor faults of manufacture are sold to the public for a vastly reduced price. We are regularly offered items due to an overstock of merchandise by the manufacture or end of range products which do not have any flaws.

The carpet tiles are new and unused and are offered at up to 70% off RRP.

The carpet tiles may have some minor or more obvious cosmetic blemishes on the face of the product but this doesn’t detract from the performance, durability, and functionality of the item.

The degree of fault can invariably be determined by the price for which they are offered. The general rule of thumb is a carpet tile in the lower price range would normally have more noticeable faults, the worst case scenario being a ‘ladder’ (a row of missing tufts) across the face of the carpet tile.

We do offer a ‘cherry picking’ service whereby we go through the stock and select the best, with minimal faults and on the majority of carpet tiles the fault is hardly noticeable. There is an additional charge for this service and the carpet tiles in these categories can range from £1.39* each upwards, depending on the quality and availability of stock. If this service is required please call us prior to placing your order on 01282 699699.

However, this is not exhaustive – for instance we offer our very popular ‘Patchwork’ carpet tile from £0.89* which is a random selection of carpet tiles in different colours we have available and can include good and fault free tiles because of the random nature of the selection.

Mindful and careful fitting of the carpet tiles is useful to bear in mind, saving the carpet tiles with faults for placing under furniture or equipment and where cuts are necessary, using the best ones for open and traffic areas giving a inexpensive solution to great looking flooring.

* Prices are per item and exclude V.A.T. at the standard rate