Discount Carpet Tiles Bolton

For exceptional carpet tiles in Bolton, look no further! We have an extensive collection of more than 500,000 carpet tiles and our showroom and warehouse spans an impressive 20,000 square feet, showcasing the carpet tiles in stock. We are dedicated to providing fair prices, prompt, effective service, and top-notch customer support.Our carpet tiles redefine elegance and practicality, serving as a fashionable, cost-effective, and enduring flooring solution for a diverse range of spaces, including residential havens, professional offices, dynamic workspaces, educational institutions, and bustling public buildings. They also offer easy replacement for heavy traffic areas or damaged sections. So whether you have pets or children, spills and accidents are easily remedied.

Stylish carpet tiles in Bolton

Let your imagination soar as you explore a myriad of patterns and colors to create truly one-of-a-kind looks. How about playing with two color variations from the same range, arranging them in a captivating checkerboard pattern? Alternatively, opt for a whimsical patchwork effect by using carpet tiles of different hues, allowing your personal taste to shine through.

Installing carpet tiles is a hassle-free endeavor, thanks to the use of a gentle adhesive called tackifier. Unlike conventional adhesives, tackifier allows lateral movement of the tiles without permanently bonding them to the floor. This unique feature enables easy removal and replacement whenever needed. To further enhance your convenience, we keep spray tackifier in stock, and you won’t incur any additional carriage charges when ordering carpet tiles. The majority of our tiles measure 50cm x 50cm (unless otherwise specified), so please bear this in mind when calculating quantities. As a rule of thumb, we recommend four tiles per square meter. If you need assistance estimating the number of carpet tiles you’ll need, we are more than happy to help! Get in touch today for top quality carpet tiles in Bolton.

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