Effective layout options for carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are a hard wearing and durable option for all manner of properties, from domestic to commercial. One of the big advantages of using these for your flooring is the design flexibility and range of layout options. But what are the most effective layout options, beyond the standard lay?

What are the effective layout options for carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles offer a flexibility and versatility that is not always possible with other flooring options, and as such there are a wide range of layout options to choose from. These include:

  • The three colour layout
  • The checkered layout
  • Brick layout
  • Border carpet tiles
  • Depth inducing layouts

What is the three colour layout for carpet tiles?

The three colour layout for carpet tiles is flexible and versatile in style. This involves using three carpet tile colours, or shades of the same colour to create a three colour alternating layout. You can also opt to rotate one of the three colour tiles to add even more contrast and visual style to this layout, which is why using three colours is more effective than just two colours.

When choosing the colours or colour scheme be sure to choose those that will most effectively match your interior design scheme and the colour scheme of your room in general. You should also consider the visual texture of the tiles too, for increased visual contrast.

What is the checkered layout?

One of the most effective layout options for carpet tiles is the checkered layout. The checkered layout for carpet tiles involves using carpet tiles with line patterns. These can then be positioned to be rotated 90 degrees every alternate tile. What this creates is a pattern with two of four carpet tiles facing one way, and the other two rotated through the same 90 degree angle to point in a different direction. This creates an interesting visual feature that can be very effective in any space, including offices, living rooms and commercial settings.

What is the brick layout?

The brick layout for carpet tiles is a slightly more complicated layout, with the centre of the carpet tile on one row, being positioned directly over the join of two of the tiles in the row below. This creates a layout similar to a brick wall and can be a striking and visually effective design choice.

How can carpet tiles create a border?

Using carpet tiles to create a border is a popular option for commercial settings, although it is not as commonly used in homes and domestic properties. With this design, a different colour of carpet tile is installed around the edges of the room, creating a stylish and attractive border effect. Using brightly coloured carpet tiles for this effect, or carpet tiles of a contrasting colour, can be an effective option here.

What is a depth inducing layout with carpet tiles?

If you want to make your living room or office feel even larger than it really is, you should consider a depth inducing layout. What this means is choosing carpet tiles with line patterns and installing these so that the lines all face the same way. The lines themselves will naturally draw the eye along to the far side of the room, giving the illusion of more space.

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