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We are the number one choice for high quality carpet tiles in Leicester, here at Discount Carpet Tiles! With our extensive 20,000 square foot showroom and warehouse, we have more than 500,000 premium carpet tiles in stock, in all sizes, shapes and styles to suit any property and any interior design scheme. Carpet tiles are a fantastic option for flooring that is cost-effective, durable, and versatile, especially for offices, schools, public buildings, homes and leisure spaces. Carpet tiles are easy to replace should any become damaged or worn in heavy traffic areas, which is something other flooring solutions cannot offer.  

Stylish carpet tiles Leicester

Carpet tiles offer a wide range of design possibilities, thanks to the colours, styles and designs that are available. From checkerboard and patchwork options that use multiple colours for a stylish or bright effect, to Ombre patterns that can transform any room, caret tiles can make a statement in any property. Here at Discount Carpet Tiles, our top quality carpet tiles can help to achieve highly effective results in any home, business school or public building. That’s why we are the number one choice for carpet tiles in Leicester. So why not get in touch today?

Installing carpet tiles is easier than you might think, as these can be secured using a mild adhesive known as tackifier. This allows for lateral movement without permanently bonding the tiles to the floor, making removal and replacement hassle-free. We offer spray tackifier in stock, and there are no additional carriage charges when you order carpet tiles. Most of our tiles measure 50cm x 50cm (unless stated otherwise), so please consider this when calculating quantities. As a general rule, we recommend four tiles per square meter. If you need assistance estimating the number of carpet tiles you’ll need, we are more than happy to help! Get in touch today for top quality carpet tiles in Leicester.

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